Earthquake Cinenova Grande 7


  • 2000 watts dynamic, per. channel into two ohms.
    1200 watts dynamic, per. channel into 4 ohms
    600 watts dynamic, per. channel into 8 ohms .. 
  • 1000 watts into 2 ohms, * TSP * (True Sine Wave Power)  up to 2700 watts continuously for unlimited time.
    660 watts into 4 ohms, * TSP * (True Sine Wave Power)  up to 2700 watts continuously for unlimited time.
    300 watts into 8-ohm, * TSP * (True Sine Wave Power) all channels driven continuously for unlimited time. 
  • XLR and RCA inputs 
  • Frequency Range: 1W + /-0.1dB: 20Hz to 20kHz 
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 112dB at 1kHz-111dB at 5kHz / 110dB at 10kHz 
  • Input impedance: 27,000 ohms. 
  • 4000VA ferrite OFC low regulation transformer with five Bi-File secondary windings. 
  • Damping Factor: 1.600 
  • Cinénova Grande exceed effortless technical standards set up by THX, DTS and Dolby Laboratories. 
  • Channel Separation: at least 110 dB. 
  • Max. Input voltage: 1.9 volts. 
  • THD: 1kHz, 8 ohms: 0.001% 
  • 12v trigger (ie can be switched automatically from your preamplifier or other components with 12v trigger output). 
  • Built-in Crossover: selectable between high-pass and low-pass or disengaged. 20Hz - 5kHz infinitely variable. The crossover allows you to determine how much bandwidth your speakers to reproduce. Use the amplifier to bi-amping two channels can be made to reproduce bass / midrange frequencies and two channels for the treble and the last channel might. drive a large passive subwoofer. All this without using any crossovers. 
  • Loud oversized, gold plate 7-way output terminals. 
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 235x457x533 mm. 
  • Weight: 61,5 kg. Carrying handle on the front panel. Proper lifting technique is recommended. 
  • Handmade in the USA. 
  • Available in black and silver. 

Protection Circuit:

  • The transformer has a built-in thermal protection.
  • ICFTU (Fused Fault Indicators). Diode indicators on the amplifier rear indicates whether a parameter has been exceeded. 
  • Each module block is thermally protected. 
  • The amplifier is protected against forwarding bad DC to the speaker. 
  • The amplifier is protected against short circuit, transistor burning and internal errors. 
  • The amplifier is equipped with a 20 amp main fuse (supports your electrical installation larger effect, fuse switch to a major). 
  • Each module block is equipped with a 15 amp main fuse pop. 
  • Each module block is equipped with two paragraphs. 10 amps pop. voltage fuses. One for + and one for -. Two diodes back of each modular block monitors whether a fuse is blown. 
  • Transistor burning. 
  • Connection Dropouts and internal fault (open circuit) 
  • Power transient (prevents the amplifier from making loud noise in the loudspeaker at boot)

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Earthquake Cinenova Grande 7

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